Make Your WebPage Cool with Google Gadgets

Wanted to have a poll, a stock market ticker, a music box, on your website? But were set back by the technical details. Now you have Google Gadgets, so calm down and learn how you can add all those cool features to your web page(blog/wiki page/web page). I am starting this new feature Tutorials on this blog, where I will introduce you to various technologies to improve your website, design insights etc. Read on for more...

Google Gadgets are nothing but widgets. The "most popular posts in the side bar of this blog is an example of a widget. The Minekey box that you see at the end of the blog is also a widget. However, most of the widgets are limited to the blogging platforms or some custom platforms. Google Gadgets for example could be added only to iGoogle page, or on the Google Pages.

However, in an announcement last year Google made their gadgets available to be published in any web page. I will take you through a step by step process of how to achieve this in your web page.

Go to the Google Gadgets home page and search for the kind of widget you want. In this tutorial I am searching for a gadget which will help me create a poll in my website. The search result takes me to a page which has about 5 results.

You can see a list of Gadgets and the description of what they do. I choose the first one. Clicking on the link takes me to the details page. Now click on "Add to your Webpage" button. You will taken to a page where you can customize the behavior of the gadget.

Once You are done with the customization, You can click "Get the Code" to generate the code. All you have to do now is paste this piece of code in your web page, or blog. Check out the Bangalore Bloggers Meet page for an example.

What are you waiting for, now spice up your web page with all those things that you wanted to have.

What do you think of this Tutorial? If you have any issue with technology, let me know. I will try to help you with a step by step process if I know, else will point your to people who can help you.

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