Independence Day Diary

Independence day is a day when most of us wake up late into the morning (a few of us extend it to afternoon), eat, take a nice afternoon siesta, wake up go around and curse why we have to go to office the following day. That was what I did on most of the Independence days in the past. This time it was different not just for me but to people whom I reached out during the day.
It all started with a mail from Snigdha, inspired by which I posted this on this blog. This was picked up by rads and the word spread like wild fire(I would love to believe so!!, thanks a lot rads) . A few phone calls on the 14th, a few words to the owner in the building and a good friend Prakash, helped me to fill a bag full of clothes.

Sridhar, Singdha, Ayan, were already there (Sridhar was infact done with the distribution of the stuff he got) by the time I reached, Vinayak, Supriy, and Sudharsan joined in. A quick walk through the busy CMH road helped us to reach quite some folks, and in the process we distributed about 20 pairs of clothes to more than 30 people. The surprise of my life was that Sudharsan came after reading my blog(My blog is successful!!). The rest of the clothes we donated to the children at Blind School in Indiranagar.

Check this out, at a small sum of 50rs per month you can support one students education. Isn't it great. For more information contact me or Snigdha.

Sridhar and Sudharsan had to leave because of some work, the rest of us five treated ourselves to ice cream at corner house. The discussion here covered on the next activities(check Sridhar's post) to some great experiences by Ayan(aka. Chandan ;)). To summarize the discussion, we are planning to have a group (Pay Back?? Do you like it?) which will do something for the society.

Folks check this initiative by Vijay( and others in chennai, amazing what a small idea can achieve. "We fixed about 60+ potholes, and we would like to do this on a sustained basis". Isn't it great. Hat's off to you guys Vijay and team.!!

The next part was equally exciting. Met Himanshu Sheth for lunch and we both headed to Poonam of dailydump about which I blogged here. Poonam turns out to be a very friendly person. She explained to us the idea, concept behind dailydump, How it works? etc. and patiently answered a lot of questions we had.

Poonam chose to be an entrepreneur after graduation and it was amazing to talk to her about her long journey since then. More about her and daily dump in a later post, where I cover all the points from an exclusive interview she gave us. We also shot a video of the interview. I will post it before the end of this week. It's a must watch!! so keep tuned.

Then it was some exclusive time with Himanshu(a very down to earth guy) where we discussed a lot about what to blog, various things about entrepreneurship, a change in his blog design, and Mumbai. Those of you who know me well know that I love Mumbai and what better thing to talk to a Mumbaikar than about Mumbai? We were wondering why there was no movie featuring the Mumbai Spirit. Filmmakers out there are you listening?

I learnt a lot over the day. This day I hope will be the starting for something small towards making something big?

Update: A typo for the post title. Unforgivable!!

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