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I was at then was at BCB4 last month. One problem I and most of the people I met, have at such events is that, they are exhausted of the business cards long before the event comes to an end. Another issue with Business Cards is, the details change pretty fast, either your designation changes, the company address changes, the phone number or host of other things. Also business cards are a difficult to maintain on the recipients part. So do we have a solution to this? Though not a complete solution at this point, an Indian Startup Zakly tries to address this problem. Read on for a review of their offering.

The Product
Zakly calls the product "your electronic calling card". The concept is simple, register yourself with the requested details. Enter the details like name, company, designation phone number and you are done. Now you can access your card from any mobile with GPRS using the following link can access my card on your mobile at this link) It is that simple. I was pretty impressed with the simplicity of the idea.

Usability & Design
Apart from the idea, it is also very easy to use. One just needs to register and enter the details asked for. A don't make me think implementation makes it simple to use. It also helps that there is nothing much more one needs to do. Same while accessing the calling card from the mobile. Just type in the url and viola you are there.
Zakly also provides you with a link to a mobile simulator where you can check how the information looks on the mobile.The web site is pretty simple with a colorful layout. The navigation pretty much gives you all the information required.

Now coming to some hiccups. The low contrast between the text and the background of the main body make it a bit difficult to read. Considering there is ample space, the design could have been better. The forms look cluttered and screaming for space.

I was pleasantly surprised when I came to know that this company is based out of Goa. Is it a sign that the startup bug is spreading wide across India? You have to tell.
I haven't talked to any one from Zakly but the reply to the feed back given was very prompt. Also I am not sure I can call Zakly a startup in true sense as it is a venture of Dogears Print Media Pvt. Ltd. Will post more information once I have it.

My Take
The concept is simple and sounds pretty good. However, it is a long way before they go anywhere. They have done a good job by releasing the basic feature early. However, in its current form, it can be copied in a couple of days by any one. There is a fundamental pain point it addresses, but has a long way to go before i would use it.

* Why do they restrict accessing the profile only to a mobile? I am surprised that I am not allowed to access it from my web browser.(check
* If you see the way the information is displayed on the mobile, it is very rudimentary. Can't they spice up the look?
* Why do they call it a calling card? First thing that comes to my mind is the bsnl calling card or reliance calling card. Am sure need to change this branding immediately.

* Allow me to access the information over SMS/Web browser.
* Give me a choice of customizable look, where I can choose the color, format in which the card will be displayed on the browsers(both mobile and web).
* I get to see that they have been in for more than two months. However, I guess they haven't done much improvements to the current offering. What they need to do is release more features on a periodic basis.
* Why limit the product to web access and mobiles? Small widgets which can help me put the information on blogs, websites etc.
* This is a bit futuristic but, they can integrate the information with maps, and provide call on click kind of feature (Integrate with Google Maps and Jajah)
* How are these guys going to monetize the stuff. I have a few ideas, but I guess they have to go a long way before they get to start doing that.

What do you think of Zakly? Will you use it? If you have used it, share your experiences!


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