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Kpowerinfinity and others had questions about Open Coffee Club Meet. I a posting here my reply to that for the benefit of you.

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Hi K,

K had a question about OCC

"Have you guys decided any agenda for the meet? Is there a list of people/speakers who have already signed up so that I can get an idea of how the event's shaping up?"

Good that you brought it up. (I am also sending this mail to other groups, to garner their opinion).

Open Coffee meet is not a formal meetup. No speakers no presentations. We all are bound by the basic passion for entrepreneurship (that is the key).

As mentioned in my blog, the idea behind this meetup is "meet in an informal setup and share/exchange thoughts"

Please check this post (must) which talks the concept behind Open Coffee.

The Open Coffee started out first in London with the following agenda!!

"This is an attempt to establish recognized, open and regular meeting places where entrepreneurs can meet with investors (and anyone else who fancies coming along) in a totally informal setting.

The key is a regular place and a regular time - it's not important who comes along, some days it might be no one - just that people know if they want to meet, this is the time and this is the place.

We want to create some density for people -- a few places where people know they can meet or bump into others.

Something that can be replicated anywhere else at little or no cost -- though we do want to build a list of all the places (wiki to come) where entrepreneurs can meet and know people might be around for them to talk with."

My Self and Vaibhav are coordinating the event. (Finding proper venue, date and so on). The rest of the what goes on is upto the people who come there and contribute to the discussions.

There was a discussion in BCB4 about lack of good networking in Bangalore on a regular basis (Barcamps are great but they are far too apart even at the rate of once every 4months). What was needed was a regular meet of about an 1hr to 2hr, where people can meet, toss their ideas, show their products and on and on..
That was the idea behind calling this meet.

No agenda.. only a direction.. !!
*) you want to show some cool stuff that you have done.. you have the audience.
*) you want to meet like minded people in your sector, or who can guide you in pointing to people who can help you.
*) a great networking opportunity, where you can know more about the folks you probably met at BCB or some other event and get to know them better.

The best part.. !!
**) If you are alone on sunday.. you can find more people like you and know that you are not the only one!! ;)

Do Drop by this sunday!! at Brewhaha, Koramangala Bangalore. 11am.!!

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