Bangalore Open Coffee Club Meetup.

There are lot's of entrepreneurs in Bangalore(a cliche isn't it). However, what we lack in here is an ecosystem where entrepreneurs, VC's, people interested in entrepreneurship,evangelists, and people like me(I don't fall in the above categories !!) meet in an informal setup and share/exchange thoughts . Open Coffee Club meet for Bangalore is one small step to address this issue. This meet will be on

Venue: Brewhaha (Directions)
Time: Sunday (11Am)
Date: 19th August 2007
Contacts: Ram(09342509088), Vaibhav(9986186194)

[sTory bEhind]
To give you a brief of what OpenCoffeeClub(OCC) is all about check out a previous post of mine. There I talk about the concept and introduce you to OCC. As you can see, I was planning to have an OCC Bangalore meetup earlier, but could not do so because of personal reasons. After that I was tad lazy until the BCB4. In BCB4 I met Siddharta, Jankiram, Indus, and a host others who felt there was visible need for people to group up on a regular basis in an informal setup. Thus was born openTIE.

The week following BCB4 Siddharta(aka. Sid) called for a Chennai OpenCoffeeClub meet. This was picked up by Kiruba on his blog. Finally the Chennai OCC meet happened on 5th of August. We at Bangalore were not behind, Vaibhav an avid techie. got in touch with Sid and Vijay( to get some funda on how to organize a Bangalore OCC, and was directed by Sid to contact me.

The efforts started out with this post calling for OCC meet by Vaibhav. There is also a Google Group (thanks again to Vaibhav) where those of you interested can join to follow up on what's happening.

[wHat nExt]
As pointed at the beginning of this post,be there at Brewhaha coming Sunday(19th August) at 11am. Let's kick start the exciting times ahead.

Mind you this event does not carry any registration fee, but you need to pay for your coffee/other stuff.

Bloggers among you, post about the event and spread the word.

Update: Check the update on Bangalore OCC meet by Vaibhav.

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