Me and My Blog gets an award!!

I was surprised to get a comment on my previous post "Do You Know?" saying that I was awarded the "Awe Some Guy Blogger" award.
The rules are simple. Adavait has given me this award. I am sure he did like my blog (else why will he award me?? ). Now it's my turn to select 5 more bloggers. These five folks are supposed to award another five guys this award and link to me. As simple as that.Read on for who my 5 are.

Before I go on with my list of Awesome bloggers(I will have five guys and five girls), let me put my views on this whole awarding stuff.
i) It will give me an opportunity to thank the fellow bloggers whose blog I really appreciate.
ii) It lets other's know what I am reading and what I enjoy reading.
iii) A way to assess my blog reading pattern. I was surprised by the geographic and ethnic pattern of my blog reading.

It was difficult to choose five from so many blogs I read. Here's my criteria for selection:
i) No Community/Group blogs.
ii) Blogs that I read and can identify with the bloggers.
iii) Blogs that I read without fail, but rarely comment on.

So here goes my list:
Awesome Guys:
Himanshu Sheth: Thoughts Prevail (A good friend)
Prashant : Know Prashant (My alter ego)
Tanay Behra: Remain Connected (Creative)
Raymon Chen: The Old New Thing (Techie, One blog i never commented but read all posts in the last 2months)
Thomas: Blogvaria (Short, Regular and very useful posts)

Rocking Gals:
Annie: Buttermilk Clouds , BlogU (If ever, I am in US I would love to visit her and try her cuisines,better known for her blogger University)
Lavanya: All things Considered (Energetic)
Sara: iLoveCode (Techie...)
rads: kowthas (old) (Land of Origin!)
Dhivya: Coffee and Conversations (Waiting to read her next post!!)

Now all the ten folks above, please nominate your 5 or 10 awe some bloggers!

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rads said...

Cool! Thanks Ram, that's my very 1st award in blogworld. ooo, now I need to go party! :D

Unknown said...


Welcome.. It was my first too!!
First step to blogging fame ! ;)

Anonymous said...

Thanks ram, you are too kind!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ramjee, nice to know someone finds my blog useful :)

Going through bookmarks as I write in order to find 10 bloggers to pass on the award... (puh)

Sharon Pickering said...

Thanks,Ram! I'm honored. And it would be nice to have you over for dinner!

remainconnected said...

Thanks dude. Ooooooooops, RC is creative :)

Unknown said...

some time is the first time..!! and won't u invite me!! ;)
hey, i just told a bit of truth.
it's very useful!!.sometimes it feels nice to credit people for what they mean to us.
i am just waiting for that chance!!
welcome! the first thing your blog reminds me of is the photos! and they are really good.(i guess some of them are u'r work!)

rads said...

ramjee, I did your "tag" - want to check it out on wp? :)