Delighting Users with Email in Three Simple steps

You have registered with for a product or service on some site. How many times did you repent the move later. You get spam all the time and there is not break from it. Recently I got a mail from a company with which I registered a while back. It turned out that this company has launched a new web site and wanted the users of it's previous products to try the new one.

If it were a normal promotion mail, I would have thrown it to the trash. However, in this case I was pleasantly surprised and decided to write about them. Check the mail I received.
The company is frenchtutorial (A very good product they got) and the new site is Briow. The reason I am delighted

  • Dear Ramjee: address me by my name and not like Dear User et. al. This is a no brainier, but I find many companies missing this step.
  • Bangalore: This requires a decent amount of work in preparing the mailer. How many companies do you see taking the pain to customize the mailers to you the user.
  • The tone of the mail, is not to just let you know of the product but also one of a request where your feedback is sought.
I used Briow, not a great tool, but I would still use it because of this mailer. The overall user experience is high!!

The above mailer is a beautiful usage of automated mass mailing and personalization.
Three simple steps to mind while sending your mailers:
  • Use Personal Salutations.
  • Use personal details intelligently in the copy(mailer).
  • Give user the respect he deserves.
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