Delighting Users with Email in Three Simple steps

You have registered with for a product or service on some site. How many times did you repent the move later. You get spam all the time and there is not break from it. Recently I got a mail from a company with which I registered a while back. It turned out that this company has launched a new web site and wanted the users of it's previous products to try the new one.

If it were a normal promotion mail, I would have thrown it to the trash. However, in this case I was pleasantly surprised and decided to write about them. Check the mail I received.
The company is frenchtutorial (A very good product they got) and the new site is Briow. The reason I am delighted

  • Dear Ramjee: address me by my name and not like Dear User et. al. This is a no brainier, but I find many companies missing this step.
  • Bangalore: This requires a decent amount of work in preparing the mailer. How many companies do you see taking the pain to customize the mailers to you the user.
  • The tone of the mail, is not to just let you know of the product but also one of a request where your feedback is sought.
I used Briow, not a great tool, but I would still use it because of this mailer. The overall user experience is high!!

The above mailer is a beautiful usage of automated mass mailing and personalization.
Three simple steps to mind while sending your mailers:
  • Use Personal Salutations.
  • Use personal details intelligently in the copy(mailer).
  • Give user the respect he deserves.
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Anonymous said...

Hey Ramjee,
The email was nice and I agree on the same.The way you address something does matter,you can tell one thing in two ways either sounding a bit demanding or either being a polite(which would be an eye catcher for most of us).

You can add one more thing which I noticed and that was the first line was your name "RAMJEE", this indicates that it is not a copy/paste email,which is meant to be sent to everyone(Though it sounds like your first point)..But it was addressed to you,you and only you :) We get many mails daily from unknown sources but the first thing what we do is check the CC list or whether I am on the TO list or it is a BCC(ed) mail....Your name is also not misspelt it is RAMJEE and not RAMJI :) This is a spot-on email and a clear winner as you have pointed out :)

And yes,this email also suggests that these guys have a good business sense else who has the time to track people at microlevel basis...These guys are clear that you are a good blog writer and I am sure they would even be monitoring your blog feeds :)

-Himanshu Sheth

Unknown said...


There are lots of programs which can be used to generate mails with personalized salutation.
Also these automated mailers can be used to send individually without resorting to cc and bcc.
One thing I am surprised is the microlevel thing. tracking my place!! excellent. !!
I had a mail exchange with the founder (pointing to some issues with the site) and he has responded very well.
I wish they do well.
(by the way, my next post is on how you can ruin it all the way !!).