DCamp 2.0: Bangalore Design Camp

Looks or Function,Simplicity or Complexity, these are some questions that plague any product development teams across. When many such people who face these problems meet at a place to unwind and un-conference we have the Bangalore DCamp.

Design Camp or DCamp as it is known is in its 2nd edition. The 1st edition held at Yahoo EGL campus in Bangalore was a resounding success. Amit Pande, Muthu, are some of the key persons behind getting this edition to run.

The event attendees list contains the who's who from design fields in Bangalore. Register now lest you should not find place for entry. I am excited to meet the following people Sowmya Karmali, Umesh Gopinath, apart from host of other friends who are attending this event.

Let me know if you are going to be there.

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anandi said...

Hi Ram. Dude! I wont be able to make it this time. I guess you know the reason. Anyways, Enjoy at the DCamp.