Where was I?

Going into the details and apologies and reasons for abandoning my blog for so long may be a bit too less for egregious nature of my irresponsible act. To bare the truth I am ashamed to say I was lazy in not even posting a post in a month. But, again this was a very happening period with Lot's to update all of you on personal, professional, blogging,running front. Though I refrain from any personal information on the blog, I believe there are a few things which should be shared. Go on for more...

First, I got married on the 29th of April to Harshada. You can find some of the marriage pictures here. Second, In the last six months, I was on three different projects at my work place. All of them very exciting and demanding on not just my time but also brains (do I have some?).
The third and the most important thing is what next? Ever since I founded this blog, it changed names, it changed themes, and it changed the core idea around which I blog. So much of change!! Continuing on the same vein this blog will continue to carry on my favorites of the season. Apart from that there is this new blog in pipeline "UXIndia" specific to User Experience in the Indian context. More details about this on coming Tuesday.

Coming back to this blog. There is a lot coming up. First the announcement for Design Camp Bangalore, then a few updates on the fitness front. A series of posts on how to run a marathon. My learning's from running a marathon and drawing parallels to entrepreneurship, other stages of life. Prepare with me for the Mumbai Marathon 2009.

This time it's not a empty promise. Technology has come to my aide in making this confident claim. Want to know how? Keep reading...!!
Thanks to all those of you who kept coming and commenting. I need all your support to start from scratch.

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