The One To Be!!

I am in the process of migrating all my mails from gmail to my google apps account. While going through all the mails, I came across this which I wrote in a fit of inspiration about three years back. It pains me that most of what I said still remains true in my context. But it also gives me the inspiration to face the drudgery and move ahead. As the saying goes everything happens for our own good. This simple piece gives me new hope. Here it goes:

"How do I say what I have seen in the last 24 yrs of my life? What do I envison for the next five - six decades of life left in me. What did I do at this age of mine, that many of the greats have done much before mine.

At the age of 21 when he died, Galois was a mathematical genius. Though probably never given the due recognition during his life time, his contributions to the world of mathematics, and as an extension to computer science is widley accepted. Another great Einstein came up with the photo electric effect when he was just 26 for which he won the Nobel Prize in 1921.It is always debated why he was never awarded a Nobel for Theory of Relativity.

Sachin achieved cult status in his teens, Roger Federer is the same age as me but reins the tennis world today. If I start listing I can go on and on, on how many people have made it big before they reached the age I have now reached.

Now when I see back, what I have acheieved, probably none is remotley even close to what these people have done. Does that mean I am nobody? No, I am someone to all those people to whom I am dear, to all those people who are dear to me. I am someone in the making to be the one to be!!."

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Anonymous said...

gmail to Google apps migration? Does that not happen automatically?
But why? is the whole firm moving on to google apps account?