2 steps to Email hosting on your own domain.

Read this post on Email Etiquette for Entrepreneurs on Pluggd.in last week. The first point was Do Not Use Gmail/Yahoo (personal) for official purpose.
This got me thinking how simple it is (2 steps) to have a mail id which reads like this: <mymail><@mydomain>

A lot of people (including many techies) are not aware how simple and inexpensive it is to have a domain and corresponding mail. Here are the two steps:

  1. Register a domain.
  2. Setup Google Apps Standard Edition

    Register a domain: In this age and time, I am sure you already have a domain. If you don't please go ahead and register one now.(you can always read this post later). Some sites where you can register your domain are: godaddy.com, whiz.in and a lot many.(Drop a comment/mail if you need some help). The domain will not cost you about 500 INR an year.

    Setup Google Apps Standard Edition: Google offers Gmail/Google Documents/ Google Calendar and a lot of it's services as Google Apps for your domain. The standard edition of Google Apps is free for 50users. If you are still using gmail for your official mails, this number is not limiting. And if you need more then 50 users, I am sure you are doing well to switch to a paid offering. The setup process is very simple and intuitive.

    That is all and you are set to go with email on your own domain. Now it is a different matter altogether for you to comply to the rest of issues pointed out in that post on email etiquette.

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