Alternative to Personal Motor Vehicles

Some time back, I took the resolution "Bus to Work". It was not a hugely successful experiment more for lack of will. It used to take me just about 40min in comfort of an AC Volvo. However, I was too lazy/ mis managed which made it difficult.

I am again considering actively to move away from  motor vehicles (mo-bike, car etc). Have been discussing with friends and colleagues on alternates. The summary of discussions is:

  1. Bus
  2. Cycle
  3. Cycle/Bus
I present here my case for / against each in my context. At the end of this exercise, I hope to get some clarity on my course of action.

Bus: My previous office was very well connected. I used to have a lot of choice in the route I could take. Most of the times I would just take a Volvo while going and spend all the time reading. On return any bus would do, and I would be happy looking through the window, or taking a quick nap. It used to take me 40min by bus and about 25min by bike (a worthy trade off). All this changed when I moved to my current company.
There is no direct bus, nor the connecting routes have a Volvo. My main gripe though is that the Buses take a circuitous route, this increases the distance by more than 3km and this translates to a minimum of 20 minutes more than what it would take. This puts the total time of commute onside to about 80min (35-40min by bike).  Though I have not ruled out my bus, given the current situation it is not very suited for daily commute.

Cycle:  Though haven't cycled since college, this looks like a very good option. On average I should take about an hour one way. I also figured some cycling routes which will keep me away from busy road for most part.Sounds better as a sustainable/implementable option. Though actual realities will come to the fore once I start doing this.

Cycle/Bus: How do you like a fold-able cycle on which you do to the nearest bus terminal, take a bus to a place couple of km from the office and then again cycle the last mile. This is sounds like a good plan. The issue is the cost of a fold-able bike, which at this point is very expensive.

What choice am I left with? Still exploring. Will update you all as I try the options.

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Anonymous said...

You can try foldman cycle from TI Cycles.It is around 8000 bucks.