GreeN mOOn

I have always heard people saying that some people drop by once in a blue moon, but since people like me who always feel that I saw a blue moon since the sky was blue, when I saw the moon are fit to be in waltair MH. But what do you say of those who have escaped from waltair MH and bestow unbearable sufferings like this, on some of their very own clan. If waltiar MH beats you just take it from me that, it’s a place for people like me.
The introduction and the fact that I did not get the opportunity to meet any of the clan at least those in the very so called city I stay in, speaks a lot of things that are not going at this end of the spectrum. (I forgot which end I belong to!!) .

Leaving the above things as they are, the recent activity in the group has just reminded me of something called life on an astronomical body which revolves around a star somewhere at the rim of the galaxy called Milky Way. Now the reminder just did not stop at the act of reminding but also took complete liberty in infusing some meager quantities of it in an otherwise "Marvinic", style of dealing with surroundings.

But as you all are aware of some law of something, that some one in a 'Marvinic" state of things will continue to remain in such a state until some internal eventuality is caused in conjunction with some external eventuality. The next law in the same series goes on to say that this change of state always tends to return to the previous state with out necessitating any change in the internal configuration. Now those of you who are worried about Marvin and his surroundings are advised not to spend more time in going ahead but just get back and relax, until the urge to make sense of "Marvinic" acts goes away, and then proceed further.

Now, when just a blank line will suffice to say that I am alive and kicking, why the hell do i need to write such long rubbish which unfortunately will not find place in rubbish owing to its lack of presence in the physical world? The closest ever it comes close to rubbish is the trash can or recycle bin in the virtual world. But, i doubt the comfort of the neighbor hood available in rubbish, in these hi-tech clones of the real world.

If not for some law that i have mentioned above i would have gone bolts (I am already nuts) to reach this extent in some thing as stupid as this. It’s high time for me to say hi to you all.